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Xavier Two Lewis Net Worth: A Look into the Music Executive’s Financial Success

Oliwia Urban 

Two Lewis at the Human Rights Film Festival

Xavier Two Lewis, the music executive and talent manager, has achieved a remarkable net worth of millions. As the husband of Naturi Naughton, his financial success adds to their combined wealth.

Early Life and Music Industry Involvement

Xavier Two Lewis was born on August 24, 1985, in Atlanta, Georgia. Growing up in a family deeply involved in the music industry, Lewis developed a passion for music at a young age. His parents, uncle, and cousins all contributed to his exposure and understanding of the industry.

During his high school years at Columbia High School, Lewis gained recognition as a talented dancer, athlete, and skilled skater. His entrepreneurial spirit emerged early, as he started organizing parties and promoting high school events at the age of 12. These experiences laid the foundation for his future endeavors.

Entrepreneurial Ventures and Education

While attending college, Xavier Two Lewis established his own company, which provided him with valuable industry knowledge and connections. He graduated from Florida State University, where he also played football as a cornerback. Additionally, he pursued studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Kyungpook National University in Deagu, Korea, where he honed his language skills and became fluent in Korean.

Xavier Two Lewis Net Worth

Xavier Two Lewis has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, according to sources like Gossip Next Door. As a music executive and talent manager, Lewis has carved a successful career path. His financial standing can be attributed to his various business ventures and roles within the entertainment industry.

Career Highlights as a Music Executive and Talent Manager

Xavier Two Lewis kick-started his career by managing artists such as Young Capone and MP Clique. In 2004, he signed Young Capone to Virgin Records, resulting in the collaboration “Im Hot” with Jermaine Dupri and Daz Dillinger. Later, he joined So So Def Recordings, where he played a significant role in the development of the song “What It Iz,” which reached the 68th spot on the Billboard charts.

Throughout his career, Lewis facilitated collaborations between artists like Young Capone, Bow Wow, and Dem Franchize Boyz. His efforts contributed to the success of several chart-topping songs, including “I Think They Like ME.”

Xavier Two Lewis’ Entrepreneurial Ventures

Apart from his work in the music industry, Xavier Two Lewis has established multiple companies. One of his notable ventures is Reivax Enterprises, an event management company specializing in staging, lighting, DJing, and sound services. Additionally, he founded WEIV, a subscription-based social platform, and CreditRich, an AI application designed to assist individuals in improving their credit scores.

Xavier Two Lewis as a Producer

In addition to his roles as a music executive and talent manager, Xavier Two Lewis has also delved into the world of production. He has produced several series and music videos throughout his career, further contributing to his income. Notable works include “Access Granted,” “Gucci Mane Ft. Yung Fresh & Yung Ralph: Faces,” and “August Alsina Ft. Trinidad James: I Luv This Shit,” among others.

Other Ventures and Personal Life

Apart from his involvement in the entertainment industry, Xavier Two Lewis is a recognized social media personality with a substantial following. He is a member of prestigious organizations such as 100 Black Men of Dekalb Country, 100 Black Men in America, and the Recording Academy. Lewis has also made contributions as a coach in high school and youth track, achieving remarkable successes with his teams.

Naturi Naughton’s Fortune in Comparison

Naturi Naughton, Xavier Two Lewis’ wife, has also made her mark in the entertainment industry. As a songwriter, rap artist, and actress, she has accumulated a net worth of $800,000 according to Celebrity Net Worth. Naughton gained recognition through her participation in the R&B group 3LW and later pursued a successful acting career.

The couple shares similar interests in music and both have made significant contributions to the industry. Xavier Two Lewis’ multifaceted involvement in various ventures, including coaching, investing, and entrepreneurship, has contributed to his higher net worth compared to Naturi Naughton.