8 Soothing Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Oliwia Urban 


Choosing the perfect paint color for your bedroom can be a breeze if you understand the mood you want to create. This article presents eight soothing Sherwin-Williams paint colors that include neutral beiges and soft shades. Each of these colors can serve as the foundation for a harmonious monochromatic color scheme, where every shade in the room stems from a single base hue. Although the colors listed are predominantly light, deeper shades combined with appropriate lighting can also evoke a tranquil oasis-like atmosphere.


  • Color Family: Varies; primarily neutrals (grays, beiges, etc.) and pale shades
  • Complementary Colors: Varies; neutrals complement most colors
  • Pairs Well With: Most colors
  • Mood: Calming
  • Recommended Usage: Bedrooms

Take a look at these eight paint color ideas to discover the perfect tranquil shade for your bedroom.

01. Escape Gray

Escape Gray is an exquisite gray paint color that truly lives up to its name. Stepping into a room adorned with Escape Gray will make you feel as though you have escaped to your favorite luxurious hotel. When combined with warm and soft neutrals, this color exudes sophistication and can suit both masculine and feminine spaces. Gray is a popular choice for high-end hotel rooms because, besides its elegant appearance, it is a calming color that fosters reflection and promotes intellectual clarity.

02. Topsail

Sherwin-Williams Topsail possesses a subtle smokiness, lending this beautiful aqua paint color a spa-like ambiance. When paired with brushed chrome and white accents, Topsail creates a Zen-inspired environment. Adding natural wood furniture and accessories can further enhance the coastal style, bringing a beach-inspired design to your bedroom and allowing you to experience a vacation-like atmosphere every day of the year.

03. Maison Blanche

Sherwin-Williams Maison Blanche is the elusive perfect beige. Its soft warmth makes it an ideal choice for a soothing bedroom color scheme. Maison Blanche also serves as an excellent starting point for creating a relaxing monochromatic color scheme. By selecting one color and incorporating tones, shades, and tints of that color throughout the space, you can achieve a serene and cohesive look.

Tip: To prevent a monochromatic color scheme from appearing bland, introduce texture and patterns. Consider adding throw pillows, rugs, and subtle fabric patterns to add visual interest to the room without compromising its soothing qualities.

04. Lacewing

Pale green paint colors like Sherwin-Williams Lacewing can help balance a bright bedroom, creating a cool and refreshing ambiance. If your bedroom has windows facing the west or east, a cool color scheme inspired by natural elements can be beneficial. When selecting a fresh green shade, it is important to avoid sage greens and other muted colors that may diminish the rejuvenating quality of your retreat.

05. Paper Lantern

While yellow may not be your initial choice for a relaxing bedroom color scheme, it can offer a delightful change from somber hues. A sunny or parchment yellow can make you feel as though you are greeted by the sun every time you open your eyes. However, warm yellow paint colors can be overly stimulating at night, hindering sleep. Sherwin-Williams’ Paper Lantern provides the desired warmth in the morning while maintaining a soothing and balanced atmosphere for bedtime, thanks to its rich neutral undertones.

06. Window Pane

Sherwin-Williams’ Window Pane strikes a delicate balance between blue and green, leaning slightly toward green. This soft and muted green is the epitome of a calming paint color. As green is often associated with nature and the outdoors, it imparts an open and soothing quality. Whether paired with creamy white trim and accessories or dark and light wood furnishings and flooring, Window Pane adds elegance and serenity to any bedroom.

Tip: Compare paint samples to find the perfect shade. Request small containers filled with your preferred color samples and a small paintbrush from your local hardware or home improvement store. Apply short stripes of each sample color in areas of your room that receive both daylight and minimal light to make an informed decision.

07. Agreeable Gray

As the name suggests, Agreeable Gray is an incredibly versatile greige that can take center stage in your bedroom makeover or act as a supporting color for bolder shades. The unique blend of cool (gray) and warm (beige) tones in greige paint colors allows for seamless coordination, resulting in a harmonious color space. It is no wonder that Agreeable Gray is one of Sherwin-Williams’ most popular paint colors due to its remarkable adaptability.

08. Starry Night

For a romantic atmosphere, Starry Night’s gray with lavender undertones is the perfect choice. This gray paint color adds a touch of color while providing a soothing backdrop for relaxation and sleep. The subtle lavender undertones prevent Starry Night from feeling overly cold on your walls. Gray paints with hints of purple are often paired with chartreuse, creating a captivating accent color combination. Consider situating a modern chartreuse sofa or chair against warm gray walls to complete the look.

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