DJ Citizen Jane: Net Worth and Biography

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In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of DJ Citizen Jane, a renowned American disc jockey, musician, songwriter, singer, and music producer. Known for her ability to captivate crowds with her beats, DJ Citizen Jane has made a significant impact on the global music scene. Join us as we explore her biography, personal life, and delve into her net worth.

DJ Citizen Jane’s Biography

Early Life

DJ Citizen Jane, whose real name is Madeline Fernandez, was born on October 22, 1974, in Miami Beach, Southern Florida, USA. She spent her formative years in Hialeah, Dade County, before moving to Coral Gables, where she completed her high school education. Growing up in a family with a rich musical background, Madeline developed a passion for music from an early age. She would whistle radio tunes and even pretend to host her own radio shows, displaying a remarkable talent for the art form.

Career: From Detective to DJ

After graduating with a degree in Psychology from Florida International University, Madeline embarked on a career in law enforcement. For ten years, she served as a detective, displaying a unique blend of dedication and talent. However, her true calling lay in the realm of music. Before her transition to a full-time DJ, Madeline had already dabbled in the field, playing at clubs and parties to support her college education. She also possessed impressive musical skills, playing several instruments, including the Cajon, banjo, guitar, bass, drums, and piano.

In 2012, DJ Citizen Jane made the life-changing decision to pursue her music dreams wholeheartedly. She joined a folk-rock all-girl band, where she showcased her singing talents and gained invaluable experience in composing and songwriting. Despite entering the music scene relatively late, she quickly rose to prominence.

Personal Life

When she’s not traveling the world, DJ Citizen Jane splits her time between Los Angeles and Miami. She places great importance on achieving a healthy work-life balance and enjoys exploring new places while on tour. In her downtime, she practices meditation to relax and spends quality time with her loved ones, including her girlfriend Karren Larrea. Karren, a managing director at MPM Entertainment in Florida, is also a single mother. DJ Citizen Jane greatly admires Karren’s ability to gracefully manage her career and family responsibilities.

DJ Citizen Jane’s Net Worth

Given DJ Citizen Jane’s international acclaim and the numerous tours she has performed, it is no surprise that she has amassed considerable wealth. As of 2022, DJ Citizen Jane’s net worth is estimated to range from $700,000 to $1 million. Her successful career as a DJ, combined with her ventures as a singer-songwriter and music producer, have contributed to her financial success.

FAQs about DJ Citizen Jane

  1. Who is DJ Citizen Jane? DJ Citizen Jane is a world-famous DJ, singer-songwriter, and music producer known for her electrifying performances across the globe.
  2. How old is DJ Citizen Jane? DJ Citizen Jane is currently 47 years old. She embarked on her music career at the age of 38 after transitioning from her previous job as a detective.
  3. What is DJ Citizen Jane’s net worth? While the exact net worth of Madeline Fernandez remains undisclosed, estimates suggest that she is worth between $700,000 and $1 million.
  4. Where did DJ Citizen Jane work as a detective? DJ Citizen Jane worked as a detective in a police department for ten years before embarking on her music career.